Welcome !

You have come to this website because you are searching for a trained professional who can help you through a difficult time.   Perhaps you’ve hit a rough patch related to your career or family, maybe a divorce ?   Maybe you’ve recently experienced the death of someone close to you, or the end of a period of your life which you had expected would go on much longer?  It might be that you are finding it difficult to function as you once did, that your will to move forward has been compromised?  Perhaps you find it an extreme effort just to get out of bed in the morning ?

Change is always difficult, and change experienced alone can be quite frightening.

Perhaps you are disillusioned with a relationship you have with a family member or a significant other, or you just can’t seem to communicate anymore with somebody who means a lot to you ?   Maybe you have found that your use of alcohol or other chemicals which you previously had no problem with has gotten out of control and you are experiencing mounting consequences as a result ?    Or perhaps you are having alarming experiences lately which cause you to question your own sanity?

In any of these cases, I am available to help you through whatever difficulties you’re having in life.

Please call me at any time and I will return that message as soon as I can. 

Joe Girillo, LMFT,  (951) 206-1548



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